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Is traveling on your own something you’ve been considering? Perhaps you are just curious about doing it, or maybe you’ve never thought about it and the thought of your own company fills you with dread (if that’s the case I encourage you to read the ‘falling in love with your own company’ blog [Click here to read that blog!].

Traveling on your own can be incredible for your mind and soul, it can bring clarity to your life, give you the space and freedom to express yourself, it can be incredible for your independence as you do something for you! It can also be amazing for your confidence as you meet new people during your travels.

I’m a huge fan of doing things on my own, it really allows me to be in my own thoughts, it allows me to really tap into my subconscious mind.

If you are someone who struggles to understand the appeal behind travelling on your own it might be your perception of it, perhaps you think it’s only for single people, or confident people, or hippies (who knows what your perceptions are!?) but I want you to know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take me for example, I am in a happy loving secure relationship and I’m a mother and travelling on my own was something I was so excited about! I wanted to really be in my own thoughts in a place that isn’t where I live, just space to be creative, to rest, and sometimes just to be away from responsibilities that our day to day lives include.

So whether you are fully on board with the concept of travelling somewhere on your own or not quite yet, here’s somethings you should know and that I highly recommend that you do when venturing out on your own whether to a new country or within the UK. (Some of my suggestions may not apply to non-international travel).

Think about what you are looking to achieve from travelling alone, are you looking for solitude, new adventures, to meet new people, to rest, to explore etc. Knowing this helps you choose your destination and how you structure your trip. If you’re looking for solitude, you’re not going to want to stay in an overcrowded hotel, and if you’re wanting time away from being a parent a kid-free hotel might be just the thing you need, so think about that in more depth. You may have to pay more to get exactly what you need but it will be so worth it.

Be safe! Safety when you’re alone is incredibly important, this can look like organising the airport transfer directly though your hotel (again, you may pay a slight premium) but it’s worth it vs getting into a random cab or jumping on public transportation.

Send all of your details to a loved one, the time you land/fly, your routine if you have a schedule of leaving the hotel etc, just in case your phone dies or anything your loved ones know how to contact you and can roughly expect when they will be in communication with you

Sign out of social media and your emails! You don’t need to update everybody back home what you’re doing the instant you’re doing it. Remember this trip is for YOU! Nobody else.

If you are in a relationship, communicate with your partner about your trip and what you’re looking to achieve, it could be upsetting if you didn’t correctly communicate your need for a solo trip so being open and honest with your partner about your trip and your intentions, having time alone / apart is really healthy and nourishing for relationships.

During your flight / train journey / drive, set an intention for your trip, visualise yourself each day, what are you hoping to achieve, how are you wanting to feel etc (I loved meditating from the Superhuman app using their travel meditations during my flight), it allowed me to get super clear on how I wanted my trip to go.

BE PRESENT! No need to ring or text back home all of the time, remember you came for solitude. I know it’s hard being away from your partner/friends/family/children but this is the very thing you need and you might not get another chance for a long time so be present. Don’t be stressing about life back home. Immerse yourself.

Speaking of immersing yourself, really hand yourself over to your trip. If you’re goal is becoming more confident then be open to speaking with others, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try new things, new foods, say yes to activities or explorations.

If your goal is to focus on your self development, bring an empty journal/diary with just lined pages and had a rough idea of what you’d like to focus on during your journal practice, or simply you can write ‘a summary of my thoughts’ and log it each day or even a simple positivity / gratitude journal. Write things from your days, your thoughts, interactions you had, something that made you smile etc etc

You might want to bring some books that support your journey, maybe you’re wanting to tap more into your spiritual beliefs, make sure you pack a book around spirituality (or whatever the topic is). I would suggest avoiding any books that are too heavily focused on performance, such as business etc as you want your mind to wander and be curious rather than be in an analytical state.

Play your favourite music when you wake up and dance, get into your body, feel, because I promise you most likely won’t do that at home as you’ll be rushing / have a timeframe but doing this will help you to start your day in such a good mood!

Meditate and journal each morning with a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps you don’t have much time at home to do those things so really maximise on your time.

If you at any point feel bored, tell yourself “I’m not bored, I just feel uncomfortable in my own company right now and that’s ok so let me bring awareness to that” and ask yourself “what can I do right now that would make my company more enjoyable” perhaps that’s picking up a fiction book and losing yourself in it sat around the pool, perhaps that’s going for a swim, perhaps that’s dancing to some music, exploring the local town, the key is awareness. The more you do this, the easier it will be to understand how you enjoy to spend time with yourself.

Those are my top tips for now, the main point in all of this is remembering it isn’t selfish to take time out for you, whether that’s on a daily basis or a solo trip. Always ensure that you are safe and most importantly, HAVE FUN!




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